Welcome to the Heart-OK.com website!


This website is currently under construction.  When operational, it will be the method for Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers to participate in a screening study for heart abnormalities.  The purpose for this project is to allow participants to determine if they have a potentially life-threatening abnormality that can then be treated.  The results of participating are medically confidential and will only be disclosed to the participant and their physician.  They will not be disclosed to any employer.

Although the website is not currently operational, you can provide your email address to be notified of when we start operation.  The name and email address you provide will only be used for that notification.  You may sign-up for that notification by clicking here. This will generate an email that will place your name and email address into our list-server.  When the email appears on your screen, just send the email and you will later receive notifications as they become available.

This project is being led by Stan Haimes, MD (an occupational medicine physician associated with the College of Medicine at the University of Central Florida) and Michael Clellend, Esq (a retired Longwood Fire Department Battalion Chief and currently an attorney with Morgan and Morgan).  Participating hospitals are providing support by significantly reducing their charges for this service.  We expect that fee to not exceed $125. 

If you wish to email Dr. Haimes, you may click here.

If you wish to email Michael Clelland, you may click here.

Thank you for your interest.